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Can Blogthings Users Spell?

spelling.pngNo doubt about it, the internet is plagued with horrible spelling. (I admit I’ve probably contributed to this quite a bit!) I’m happy to report that Blogthings users are super spellers.

I recently wrote How’s Your Spelling? – which covers some of the most commonly misspelled words. On average, Blogthings users got 8.15 out of 10 questions right. I’d say this is pretty darn respectable.

Unsurprisingly, the average posted score on blogs was 9.39 out of 10 questions right. I guess even admitting your spelling is less than perfect is embarrassing for some bloggers!

Automatically Post Blogthings Quizzes to Myspace

Starting today, you can post Blogthings Quizzes automatically to Myspace.

Some other sites have had this feature for a while, but it was not officially supported by Myspace. We like to play by the rules, so we waited until Myspace gave us a way of doing this.

Any time you take a quiz, look for the button on the results page that says Add to Myspace. Just click on it, and you’re on your way to sharing the quiz you just took with your Myspace friends.

(just an example of what the button looks like – doesn’t really work for this post)

Want to try out this feature? Take one of our newest quizzes to get started.