End of the line for images.blogthings.com

We’ve been pretty lucky at Big Shiba because nobody here has lost their job during the current recession. But, we are having our first cutback today as we turn off an old image server http://images.blogthings.com .

We used to give out code for results on Blogthings that pointed to that server, but we’ve been using http://www.blogthingsimages.com for over a year now. We kept http://images.blogthings.com running since then so that everyone who had posted results with images from that server would have everything keep working. But, today we’re turning http://images.blogthings.com off and any images you have from old results will break.

It’s easy to fix. Go into the results you posted and change




The newer server has all the images the old one did, so your result should work perfectly. You can, of course, also take the quiz again and get new code.