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5 Reasons to Use a Personality Quiz to Promote Your Business

Personality quizzes are experiencing a resurgence right now, and there really hasn’t been a time when they couldn’t increase traffic to your site. Back before the internet, women’s magazines knew that a compelling personality quiz on the cover meant higher sales numbers.  Everyone likes a lighthearted look at how they tick, and a personality quiz helps your customers think about their relationship to your business.

We have been writing personality quizzes for clients and for our own business for years, and here are the top reasons why you should consider including a personality quiz in your marketing plan:

To showcase every aspect of your product or service

Depending on what type of product or service you offer, any individual customer may have a fairly narrow relationship with your business. For example, loyal coffee shop customers may not know you also serve delicious muffins. You can remedy this by sharing a What Kind of Muffin Are You? quiz with your audience, with each result being a muffin you offer. Similarly, if house cleaning clients don’t know about your holiday cleaning service, you can remind them with a When Does Your House Need to Be Cleaned Most? quiz.

To get some social media buzz going

As much as we may want our customers to take interest in the day to day news surrounding our businesses, we have to admit that most of it is not very interesting. Many businesses struggle with getting blog posts shared on social media, especially businesses that directly target consumers. A well-written quiz is an easy way to encourage social media sharing, as people naturally like to share quiz results on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

To get free press

A little known secret about personality quizzes is that the best ones get linked frequently by blogs, local publications, and even local TV and radio stations. We have had many of our quizzes linked to without even having to alert the press, and you can ensure even more press coverage by sending out a quick press release of your quiz to any local media that may be interested.

To increase your search engine visibility

As anyone who has read a bit about search engine optimization knows, having more quality links to your site increases its rank in search engines. There is no rule saying that the links need to be to the most serious content on your site. Any links to your main domain name help, and links to a quiz will almost certainly improve your overall search engine ranking.

To show customers you have a sense of humor

If you are a more traditional business looking for a human voice, a quiz can help immensely. Personality quizzes are naturally fun, and you can let customers know that you don’t take yourselves too seriously. Quizzes add an element of play and interaction to your web site that many of your biggest fans will appreciate.

We love writing and marketing personality quizzes for clients, and we have written hundreds of successful quizzes over the years. We’ve even developed a few techniques to improve social media sharing rates, and we can help you spread your company’s message all over the internet with a well-written and executed quiz.

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