5 Reasons to Ditch Your Facebook Business Page for Your Own Website

Do you know a business whose primary web presence is a Facebook page? I see more businesses are turning to Facebook to connect with customers, while at the same time neglecting to update, maintain, or even create an independent web presence of their own. While creating and updating a Facebook page can be an easy fix for the difficulties surrounding building your own business website, I don’t recommend it. Here are the problems that all business owners will face from choosing Facebook as their main web platform:

Facebook will filter your posts from customers who already “Like” you

It can be thrilling to first set up a Facebook page and see all the faces of the people who “Like” your business. Unfortunately, unless you’re willing to buy an ad with Facebook, you can never guarantee your post will ever reach the majority your customers. (Reaching all of our customers for our Blogthings site would cost us about $200 per post.)

By implementing something called EdgeRank, Facebook filters out your posts from most the fans who signed up to get your updates. For any given post, you will reach 1-10% of your fans, and to get to the higher end of that number, you’ll need a lot of luck. The deal that Facebook is making with all business owners is: “Build your page on here for free, you can reach a select few customers with any given post, and you can pay us to reach the rest.”

You don’t get access to your customer list

You may be thinking that it’s no big deal if Facebook filters your posts to fans because you’re planning on reaching these fans independently through email. Unfortunately, Facebook gives you no control of or access to your customer list, and it’s virtually impossible to export your fan list. If you do figure out a way to export your list, you’re breaking Facebook’s terms of service and could get your whole page banned. With your own website, it is much easier to build a list of customers with email or even a user account system.

Not everyone is a Facebook member

It may be hard to believe, but not everyone who uses your business has signed up for Facebook. Even more customers may not be signed in to Facebook at any given time, which means the amount they can see on your Facebook page is limited. Also, anyone not signed into Facebook will not be able to interact with you, while you can control who comments more easily with your own website or blog by allowing non-signed in users to still comment.

Facebook has terrible search engine optimization

How many Facebook page posts have you found in Google in the past month? And how many blog posts have you found in Google in the past month? If you’re like most people, you are constantly running into blog posts when searching but rarely find an individual Facebook post through a search engine. Facebook is not very SEO friendly, while WordPress and other blog sites are. If you want people to search and find your business, then your best bet is to have all of your news and information on your own site.

You can’t control comments easily

Most business owners are surprised by how little control they have over their comments and community on Facebook. While there are some basic moderation controls for your Facebook page, they are much lower level than what is built in with any basic blogging software. Unlike all the major blogging platforms, Facebook never gives you the option of turning off or closing comments on a post. You can’t even delete a comment completely, unless it’s your own. In the end, the community on your Facebook page is Facebook’s community, not yours. On your own website, you have the ultimate control over what discussions are taking place.

Have I convinced you to ditch Facebook for your own website? We can make an easy to update website for your business and show you how to develop your own community of customers on there. If you have a pre-existing website that is too difficult to update, we can rework it for you so that it’s as easy as posting to Facebook.

Sound good? Contact us below to find out more:

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