End of the line for images.blogthings.com

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We’ve been pretty lucky at Big Shiba because nobody here has lost their job during the current recession. But, we are having our first cutback today as we turn off an old image server http://images.blogthings.com . We used to give out code for results on Blogthings that pointed to that server, but we’ve been using […]

Post Your Quiz Results to Facebook

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We’re continuing to give you more options for how to share your quiz results. Last week we brought back BBCode, and today we’re introducing automatic posting to your Facebook. On some of our quizzes, you’ll see a button that will send your result directly to Facebook. When you click, you’ll have the opportunity to edit […]

The Return of BBCode

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Starting today, we’re happy to give all of our users a new choice for posting quiz results on other web pages. We’ve always offered HTML and today we’re giving you a BBCode option. To get BBCode, take any quiz the same way you always have, but when you go to get code to post, just […]