How To Do a Loyalty Program the Right Way

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Loyalty programs can be a winning proposition for both small businesses and their customers when they’re set up correctly. Many small businesses feel that they can’t compete with bigger companies when it comes to loyalty programs, but that’s simply not true. A good loyalty program simply takes a bit of creativity, care, and technology. Make it […]

5 Reasons to Use a Personality Quiz to Promote Your Business

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Personality quizzes are experiencing a resurgence right now, and there really hasn’t been a time when they couldn’t increase traffic to your site. Back before the internet, women’s magazines knew that a compelling personality quiz on the cover meant higher sales numbers.  Everyone likes a lighthearted look at how they tick, and a personality quiz […]

Having Trouble Finding Quizzes You Like?

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We’ve been working on ways to help you find more relevant quizzes on Blogthings. The first thing we’ve introduced is quiz topics. Anytime you take a quiz, you can find related quizzes on the top right part of the page. Pictured below is an example of what it looks like. We hope you enjoy this […]

Are You On Twitter? Follow Blogthings!

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Just a heads up that we’re now on Twitter. Follow us to find out the latest quizzes and what’s coming up at Blogthings. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, you may want to check it out anyway. It’s a great way to communicate with friends quickly and easily. There’s even a few people talking about […]

Can Blogthings Users Spell?

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No doubt about it, the internet is plagued with horrible spelling. (I admit I’ve probably contributed to this quite a bit!) I’m happy to report that Blogthings users are super spellers. I recently wrote How’s Your Spelling? – which covers some of the most commonly misspelled words. On average, Blogthings users got 8.15 out of […]

Who Spends the Most Time on Blogthings?

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Like Fanta soda and David Hasselhoff, Blogthings is most popular outside the United States. Okay, that’s not exactly true. 66% of our traffic (measured in unique sessions) comes from the US. But if you measure visitors truly in terms of how much time they spend on our site, Americans are just about average. And that […]